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Smallest organizational unit of external accounting for which a complete, self-contained set of accounts can be created. This includes the entry of all transactions that must be posted and the creation of all items for legal individual financial statements, such as the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement.

A commercially, organizationally, and technically self-contained unit within an SAP System. Clients have their own master records and set of tables.

How To Use

The client is the highest level in the SAP System hierarchy. Specifications that you make, or data that you enter at this level are valid for all company codes and for all other organizational structures. You therefore only need to make these specifications, or enter this data once. This ensures that the data is consistent.
Users must enter a client key when they log on to the SAP System. This defines the client in which they wish to work. All the entries you make are saved per client. Data processing and analysis is also carried out per client.
Access authorization is assigned per client. You must create a user master record for each user in the client where he or she wishes to work.


If you use other components of the SAP System, you have to make assignments between the company code as the central organizational unit of Financial Accounting , and the organizational units of the other components. This is necessary to ensure that data can be transferred between the components.
The assignment between the controlling area and the company code is particularly important. The controlling area is the central organizational unit of the Controlling component.

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